Next to Skin Fleece is our Goal!

2017 is our 10th year in raising quality Alpacas. We have seen the industry go through a total re-birth during that time. The emphasis for small farms like us have shifted to 'product', ie processing the fleece into retail product. We breed for fleece that produces outstanding quality products and our product sales are booming!

Want to know more about alpaca products? What alpaca fleece makes the best product? (not necessarily the alpaca show results!)... Gives us call.. we are excited about the future and look forward to sharing the journey!

Featured Alpaca

Dark Sabrynna, Steele's Princess

This little lady is a playful, free spirit who gets along well with her herdmates. She intrigued with anything new ... whether its tree leaves or dropped hay.With an exceptional powerhouse of genetics ...Read More

Special Offer

Check out our summer special- A mom-daughter special! Two great dams for a great price!